Welcome To Grumps!

We were born at a very early age…

In 2001, I wanted to leave my corporate gig and open a burger joint. After the laughter stopped, I convinced my friends and family that it really could work. I knew that I liked to go out and eat at places where I felt like the employees knew my name and appreciated my business. My favorite places are fun, clean, have a casual atmosphere that are service oriented and priced reasonably. Places where friends and family can gather and enjoy themselves without feeling rushed.

Grumps (named after my grandad-sorta) operates with the following goals in mind:

Provide first-class customer service (all it takes is EFFORT!),
Sell quality product that’s priced right, and
Enjoy what we do!


BOOYAH, simplicity. I’m proud to say that to date those core competencies have allowed us to be named Best Burger in 5 markets, every year that we’ve been open. (See our awards bar up top for more shameless self-adulation.)

We appreciate your business and hope that if all is not satisfactory, you’ll let us know. That’s the only way we’re gonna get better!!

Thank you,
Collier Albright, Owner