Award Winning Jalapeno Ketchup Strikes Again!


Award Winning Jalapeno Ketchup Strikes Again with a win from The Chile Pepper Awards hosted by The Chile Pepper Magazine/McAby Media! In November, Grumps’ Jalapeno Ketchup was entered into the Chile Pepper Awards that is hosted by Chile Pepper Magazine/McAby Media, based out of Stafford, TX. The Chile Pepper Magazine, in its 30th year of publication, is the only “print publication dedicated to the spicy lifestyle,” says publisher Sir McMillen. The magazine has over 200,000 readers, including an international subscription base.

Now, back to the Jalapeno Ketchup!! – The Jalapeno Ketchup was entered into the Condiments – Ketchup division in the competition. Early in December, Grumps Headquarters received a knock at the door. Behind it, the most glorious little square box was being delivered by the local UPS man. BEHOLD, it must be some kind of major award for the Jalapeno Ketchup was inside (this would potentially be the second year in a row for a division title, so we knew it was something good)!

As we all jumped for joy, we couldn’t help but wonder what we had won – of course, The Chile Pepper Magazine wouldn’t just send this nice, heavy box for no reason…….. As we carefully tore into the cardboard box, another blue box was inside (sounds like one of those Christmas gag gifts where you keep having to open box after box…….) Well, inside the blue box, there was something special – The FIRST PLACE award for our Jalapeno Ketchup! We jumped for joy, took selfies with the award (and other photos), and posted them across our social media pages (our marketing gal was super excited, can’t you tell??)!


Grumps is very honored to have won this award for the second year in a row. Thanks to the folks at The Chile Pepper Magazine/McAby Media who voted! Looking forward to next year!