City Council Gives Grumps Something to Smile About

by Kathy Cruz, Hood County News, Saturday, October 10, 2015, Pages 1A & 2A

Grumps Burgers is beefing up its operation. The Granbury City Council this week paved the way for the restaurant on East Highway 377 to expand its property to encompass about 2.5 acres. It will include using an existing barn for live music, and “overhang” for open air seating and even a “Field of Dreams” where Wiffle ball can be played. Wiffle ball is a variation of baseball is played with just a few players, using a perforated, lightweight ball. The plan also includes expanded parking, from the current 26 parking spaces to probably 48, according to Grumps owner Collier Albright. Grumps is located at 3503 E. Hwy. 377. Cleveland Road is just to the west of the restaurant, and Plaza East Court runs behind the property. The council’s actions allow for several lots to be integrated “into one uniform site for the expansion of Grumps,” according to the Community Development Director Scott Sopchak. The City Council, at its regular meeting Tuesday, approved two requests from Albright, as well as Brooks Goodson and Jeff Pickvel. Goodson and Pickvel are representatives of G Force Components & Metal Building Systems. Since G Force currently owns the property that Albright is wanting to purchase for the expansion, the company’s representatives were required to be listed with Albright on the applications with the city. Sopchak said it is common in such situations for the person wanting to purchase property to hold off on closing the deal until any needed approval from the city has been obtained.


In addressing the council about his plans to offer live music for weddings, special events and general entertainment, Albright stressed that it will be “a limited house venue” on Thursday and Friday nights, aswell as Saturdays. The restaurant may possibly serve a Sunday brunch, he said. Albright added that the entertainment will be “very family friendly,” and a “last call” for drinks will go out at about 10 p.m. He said the expanded venue will be “behind a fence.” In showing a slide presentation to the council, Albright explained that an area labeled “The Cave,” which is attached to the barn, will allow for open-air seating for music and entertainment if there are “not enough people to open the barn.”


Grumps restaurants are also located in Stephenville, Cleburne, and Burleson, but Albright told the council “we want to continue to grow our brand locally.” He said that this year, sales at the Granbury restaurant are expected to hit $1.2 million – “pretty remarkable for a four-foot grill.” He said that plans are in the works to partner with bed and breakfasts “to bring people here.” “We’re excited about it,” Albright said. The council approved the re-platting and rezoning requests, allowing for the proposed expansion. Sopchak told the hood County news on Wednesday that he does not yet know whether Albright will seek permits from the city to cook and/or serve food in the barn.