1 year ago today we were ordered to close our businesses due to a worldwide pandemic. Almost 20 years into this dream and the very real possibility that we might not be able to survive hit home. I couldn’t sleep and actually lost 14 pounds those first two weeks, I was the most scared I’ve ever been in my life.
Slowly I began to realize that the communities we are in and the people we employ wouldn’t allow us to fail. Customers came out in droves to our food truck events, our curbside service, and eventually to our stores in spite of the limited seating. People were so patient with us as we transitioned our business to primarily takeout. Our staff/Grumps family pivoted to our new structure with enthusiasm and a “failure isn’t an option” mentality. We survived!
I sit in my office this morning so very thankful for everyone that has made my Grumps dream come true. I am humbled and will never forget this experience and promise I will pay it forward! (Side note: I gained the 14lbs back plus some, damn.)