Award Winning Jalapeno Ketchup Strikes Again!

Award Winning Jalapeno Ketchup Strikes Again!


Award Winning Jalapeno Ketchup Strikes Again with a win from The Chile Pepper Awards hosted by The Chile Pepper Magazine/McAby Media! In November, Grumps’ Jalapeno Ketchup was entered into the Chile Pepper Awards that is hosted by Chile Pepper Magazine/McAby Media, based out of Stafford, TX. The Chile Pepper Magazine, in its 30th year of publication, is the only “print publication dedicated to the spicy lifestyle,” says publisher Sir McMillen. The magazine has over 200,000 readers, including an international subscription base.

Now, back to the Jalapeno Ketchup!! – The Jalapeno Ketchup was entered into the Condiments – Ketchup division in the competition. Early in December, Grumps Headquarters received a knock at the door. Behind it, the most glorious little square box was being delivered by the local UPS man. BEHOLD, it must be some kind of major award for the Jalapeno Ketchup was inside (this would potentially be the second year in a row for a division title, so we knew it was something good)!

As we all jumped for joy, we couldn’t help but wonder what we had won – of course, The Chile Pepper Magazine wouldn’t just send this nice, heavy box for no reason…….. As we carefully tore into the cardboard box, another blue box was inside (sounds like one of those Christmas gag gifts where you keep having to open box after box…….) Well, inside the blue box, there was something special – The FIRST PLACE award for our Jalapeno Ketchup! We jumped for joy, took selfies with the award (and other photos), and posted them across our social media pages (our marketing gal was super excited, can’t you tell??)!


Grumps is very honored to have won this award for the second year in a row. Thanks to the folks at The Chile Pepper Magazine/McAby Media who voted! Looking forward to next year!


Grumps to Host Adopt-a-thon & Turtle the Painting Pit Bull

Grumps to Host Adopt-a-thon & Turtle the Painting Pit Bull

Well behaved dogs on leashes are welcome – bring them to meet their new furrever friend!

adoptathon turtle even

On Saturday, September, 24, Grumps Granbury will host it’s first “major event” since the Grand Opening of The BurgerPark in Granbury aka the wiffle ball field. The event is slated to begin at 10:00 am in the back area, with an Adopt-a-thon that will benefit the Hood County Animal Control and other local rescue organizations. Local dog vendors and other fun activities will be available for guests and their furry friends until 2:00pm. To see a list of vendors, please follow the link:

At 1:00 pm, the famous Turtle the Painting Pit Bull will put on a magnificent show! She will be painting us a PITcasso masterpiece and she is sure to wow you! Turtle and owner Kristie travel all over Texas promoting their anti-bullying campaign, Bullying from a Pit’s Perspective, that showcases Turtle’s transformation from bait dog to painting extraordinaire. They also give a short program to schools to give them a different perspective on how bullying affects all walks of life. Turtle will be available for “lovins” and photographs following her exhibition. You don’t want to miss this experience! See her story here:

adoptathon turtle ad cover

Your dogs are welcome, but we do have a couple of rules:
1. Your pooch must be friendly and well behaved (no humpty-dumpty, this is kid-friendly!)
2. Your pooch must be on a leash AT ALL TIMES
3. Clean up after your pooch
4. No animals allowed on the wiffle ball field (except crazy Uncle Eddie)

For more information on the event, please visit
For vendor information, please email

Local Law Enforcement and Granbury Fire Station 1 Receive Recognition from Local Citizens and Businesses

Local Law Enforcement and Granbury Fire Station 1 Receive Recognition from Local Citizens and Businesses


From l-r: Granbury Fire Chief Brent Blackman, Police Chief Mitch Galvan and Sheriff Roger Deeds

July 19, 2016-At tonight’s Granbury City Council Meeting Carrie Bellamy of Edward Jones Investments, on behalf of local citizens and businesses,  presented Sheriff Roger Deeds, Granbury Police Chief Mitch Galvan and Granbury Fire Chief Brent Blackman with Grumps Gift cards and cases of water to be given out to their respective departments.

Several local businesses and citizens came together to say “Thank You” to the men and women who bravely serve our community.

“For your daily service and bravery protecting our community and for going the ‘Extra Mile’ for the people of Granbury and Hood County; we join together to acknowledge your dedication and service. Because of this dedication, we enjoy a more secure and safe place which to live. May God bless each of you. We pray coverage and safety over you each day” Bellamy read from a letter that will be included with each gift.

Between the Police and Sheriff’s Department there are 170 employees, all of which received a Grumps gift card. The group also presented 225 cases of bottled water to Granbury Fire Station 1.

The following businesses and families help bring these gifts together:

  • Carrie, Chris and Angela Bellamy/Edward Jones
  • Faye Landham
  • City Council Member Gary Couch
  • Jon and Kim Irwin
  • Cindy Peters and Family
  • John Lewis
  • Rich Merrill Family
  • Mike and Donna Loter/Christian Brothers Automotive
  • Brad and Beverly Bartlett
  • Bob and Julia Pannell
  • Romeo and Judy Bachand
  • Mike and Dusty Scovel
  • Eddie and Merrie Cardin
  • J.C. Campbell Family
  • Jean Cate and Family
  • Grumps

Burgers with a side of appreciation

Burgers with a side of appreciation

July 20, 2016, Hood County News,

By Kathy Cruz –

A special presentation was made at Tuesday night’s regular meeting of the Granbury City Council to show appreciation to law enforcement and first responders. It was a continuation of an outpouring of support that began after the ambush of police officers in Dallas a couple of weeks ago.

galvan deeds

Individuals and businesses in the community continue to give a strong show of support to local law enforcement.

Police Chief Mitch Galvan, Sheriff Roger Deeds and Granbury Fire Chief Brent Blackmon were present for the presentation by Carrie Bellamy.

Bellamy represented a group of individuals and businesses that raised money to provide employees of the Granbury Police Department and the Hood County Sheriff’s Office with Grump’s Burgers gift cards. Between both departments, there is a total of about 170 employees. Granbury’s Fire Station #1 will be receiving 225 cases of water. Each case contains 24 bottles.

Each gift will be accompanied by a letter expressing appreciation for the daily service, bravery and dedication exhibited by first responders.

Grumps to Partner with Support Our Soldier Program

Grumps to Partner with Support Our Soldier Program

Grumps Burleson & Grumps Cleburne, both based in Johnson County, will be partnering with another fellow Johnson County resident, Support Our Soldier, in a campaign that will begin May 2 and end July 30. The goal of the campaign is to gather items needed for our local Soldiers who are deployed and get them the supplies they want and need. Each store will collect the requested items and the items will then be picked up, put in care packages, and shipped overseas.

Donors can drop items in the provided boxes any day of the week and a list of requested items is provided below:

  • Beef Jerky
  • Slim Jims
  • Microwave Meals & Soups
  • Protein Bars (Cliff, Kind, etc…)
  • Fruit Snacks
  • Bags of ground coffee (no large containers please)

The Support Our Soldier program was started by Teresa Nelson, a Johnson County resident, in 2011. Her goal of the organization is to “care beyond the box,” in that she provides many other services to our soldiers abroad and when they arrive back in the states. Support our Soldier also puts on several functions throughout the year to help bring awareness to the community. To find out more about Support Our Soldier, please visit their website at


Grumps is proud to partner with Support Our Soldier and we appreciate your support! Thank you to all of our Armed Forces!

  • For more information, please visit our 2 participating stores:
  • Grumps Burleson – 108 S. Main Street – Burleson, TX  817-447-8800
  • Grumps Cleburne – 1704 N. Main Street – Cleburne, TX   817-774-2874

We look forward to seeing you all bring items in to our stores!


April is Dog Month at Grumps!

April is Dog Month at Grumps!

The hot dogs are back at all Grumps locations (Burleson, Cleburne, Granbury, & Stephenville)! Through the month of April, Grumps is serving up 1/4 pound all beef hot dogs that are absolutely delicious! Each dog is topped with relish, onion, and mustard and served with a small order of home-fried chips! You can add whatever toppings that you would like ranging from mayonnaise…. to queso…. to chili…. however you like to eat your hot dogs!

Don’t forget to stop in and try one! They’re only available for ONE month! April=Dog Month!

hot dog



“Congratulations are in order for the entire Grumps Burgers team for earning the Talk of the Town Customer Satisfaction Award once again in 2015!!!

Collier Albright Grumps Burgers

 2015 Star Rating Earned: 5

We are honored to present you with the 2015 Talk of the Town Customer Satisfaction Award. Only the highest rated businesses have been chosen to receive this award presented by Talk of the Town News and Celebration Media, and to win in consecutive years is exceptional. As a prior winner, you know the award was created to showcase companies that excel in serving their customers and earning their high ratings. Visit the following link to view your 2015 Star Rating:

City Council Gives Grumps Something to Smile About

City Council Gives Grumps Something to Smile About

by Kathy Cruz, Hood County News, Saturday, October 10, 2015, Pages 1A & 2A

Grumps Burgers is beefing up its operation. The Granbury City Council this week paved the way for the restaurant on East Highway 377 to expand its property to encompass about 2.5 acres. It will include using an existing barn for live music, and “overhang” for open air seating and even a “Field of Dreams” where Wiffle ball can be played. Wiffle ball is a variation of baseball is played with just a few players, using a perforated, lightweight ball. The plan also includes expanded parking, from the current 26 parking spaces to probably 48, according to Grumps owner Collier Albright. Grumps is located at 3503 E. Hwy. 377. Cleveland Road is just to the west of the restaurant, and Plaza East Court runs behind the property. The council’s actions allow for several lots to be integrated “into one uniform site for the expansion of Grumps,” according to the Community Development Director Scott Sopchak. The City Council, at its regular meeting Tuesday, approved two requests from Albright, as well as Brooks Goodson and Jeff Pickvel. Goodson and Pickvel are representatives of G Force Components & Metal Building Systems. Since G Force currently owns the property that Albright is wanting to purchase for the expansion, the company’s representatives were required to be listed with Albright on the applications with the city. Sopchak said it is common in such situations for the person wanting to purchase property to hold off on closing the deal until any needed approval from the city has been obtained.


In addressing the council about his plans to offer live music for weddings, special events and general entertainment, Albright stressed that it will be “a limited house venue” on Thursday and Friday nights, aswell as Saturdays. The restaurant may possibly serve a Sunday brunch, he said. Albright added that the entertainment will be “very family friendly,” and a “last call” for drinks will go out at about 10 p.m. He said the expanded venue will be “behind a fence.” In showing a slide presentation to the council, Albright explained that an area labeled “The Cave,” which is attached to the barn, will allow for open-air seating for music and entertainment if there are “not enough people to open the barn.”


Grumps restaurants are also located in Stephenville, Cleburne, and Burleson, but Albright told the council “we want to continue to grow our brand locally.” He said that this year, sales at the Granbury restaurant are expected to hit $1.2 million – “pretty remarkable for a four-foot grill.” He said that plans are in the works to partner with bed and breakfasts “to bring people here.” “We’re excited about it,” Albright said. The council approved the re-platting and rezoning requests, allowing for the proposed expansion. Sopchak told the hood County news on Wednesday that he does not yet know whether Albright will seek permits from the city to cook and/or serve food in the barn.